Week Commencing 24th September

This week in Year 3 we have done lots of new and exciting things

In Maths, we have learnt how to add and subtract 10 and 100 from a number and explain what we noticed.

In English, we have looked at the traditional Goldilocks and Revolting Rhymes Roald Dahl where we prepared our viewpoints ready to present in a court case style.

We set up the classroom as a court; where we had a judge, Goldilocks and the jury.

Class 6 were nice and found Goldilocks not guilty!! Phew

Class 5 on the other hand…GUILTY!!

In Topic, we have located countries where Roald Dahl travelled to and have looked at continents of each of the country.

In Art, we have drawn like the illustrator, Quentin Blake, and have drawn our own Mr and Mrs Twit using half of our face.

All have a lovely weekend – hopefully the sun will stay shining!

See you Monday

Emily Swales and Susie Parker


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