Friday week 1

A great start to the term, the children are focussed and energetic.

Homework this week is times tables – repetitive I know, but the sooner the children are fluent then their brain can use this information to solve problems, rather than the multiplication being the tricky part.

English homework is adding prefixes to root words.  The children should try each one to see which sounds right.  We have had lots of practice this week and have found lots of words.  Some root words might work with more than one prefix. For example, unfit and misfit.

Have a lovely weekend.



Stonehenge in chalk

This afternoon the children practised their chalk skills ( and their instruction following) to create a picture of some ancient stones .  They listened well and were proud of their achievements.


Diary change

You should have received a diary list for the Summer Term.  Please note that the Year 3 trip dates are the wrong way round.  Class 6 will go on Wednesday the 19th of June and Class 5 will go on Thursday 20th June. Thank you

Swimming tomorrow

Please don’t forget that it is swimming tomorrow (Friday).  Children need a swimming costume, swim hat and towel.  Goggles is you have returned a goggles letter.  Thank you

Science and Starbursts

42E192BB-C317-4287-B787-360ED225D73FScience is so much more fun with sweets involved.  Today, we looked at forces.  Having eventually decided that forces were to do with pushes and pulls we then did several experiments with pushes and pulls.

Sweets, skipping ropes and balls were used to identify pushes and pulls.


Summer Term Week 1

Starting our narrative writing, we have looked at the structure of a story and why characters and settings are important.  We will be challenging ourselves to find new characters and settings, different problems and inventive solutions.  Our spelling focus is on the prefixes: dis, mis and un.

In maths, we are recapping our methods of multiplication and division before moving on to word problems.

In science, investigating forces – pushes and pulls.  And in topic, looking at how Stone Age man lived in Britain.

RE is looking at ways we can help each other.

As always your help with times tables and reading at home is much appreciated.

Thank you

Back to the Stone Age

We had a great day yesterday – our classroom was turned into a cave and we made cave paintings.  We then looked at clothes through the ages from Palaeolithic man’s furs to the woven and dyed clothing of Bronze Age and the Roman Era.  The afternoon was spent hunting and gathering.  We found that not all berries are good to eat, flint is a great tool to cut things and protect yourself from wild animals and that water is extremely important for our survival.  Thanks to all for the help with the dressing up.