Last swimming lesson 25 May

For the last swimming lesson, the children will need to bring a pair of long sleeved pyjamas or similar as we will be learning life saving skills.  A 2 piece is essential and fairly loose is ideal.  Please, no onesies and thick fleece joggers and sweatshirts also not ideal.  All the children will be working together in the shallow end, where they will experience being in the water with clothes on and also learn life saving skills using clothing.  As the clothes will be quite soggy by the end of the lesson, could the children also bring a carrier bag to put these in so that they don’t soak through into their other things.  Any questions, just ask.  Thanks.


Summer term week 3

Carrying on with choosing adventurous language for our Stone Age fiction story, the children have been using different sentence structures to make the introduction more interesting.  It’s not tall, it’s precipitous!

We have moved on to fractions, this week having a recap on how we calculate a half, quarter and a third of number.  Next week, we will be looking at tenths.

in science, we have continued with magnets, today finding out about the poles of the magnet and how they repel.

Thank you for reading and doing times tables at home.  The children that have lots of exposure to books have great vocabulary that they can use in their writing.

What is magnetic?

We predicted what might be magnetic and what might not be magnetic, before we had fun using the magnets to test our predictions.  We all made a peg “jump” to prove that magnets don’t need to be touching for the magnetic force to act.  We also discovered that magnets will even work through paper!

Swimming payment

Just a gentle reminder that the £7.50 contribution for swimming is to pay for the coach transport to and from the pool.  Any shortfall of payments might mean we cannot take the bus to swimming.  At the moment, we have a significant number of families who have not paid.  Please could you pay as soon as possible.  If you already have paid, thank you, and please disregard this post.

Summer term week 2

We have started to find adventurous language to use in our narrative – we are no longer just hungry – we are ravenous and famished.  We are no longer sad – we are lo-spirited, dejected and glum.  Using adventurous word choices grows our vocabulary and makes our writing more entertaining.

In maths, we are solving word problems using all of the operations.  We circle the important information and then decide which operation is needed before solving the problem.

in science, we are starting to look at magnetic forces and in topic we are looking at how Stone Age man lived.

Our spelling rule this week is adding prefixes: im, il and ir to words to make the opposite (antonym).

Thank you for your support at home with reading and times tables.  We really need some 3 times table practice if possible.